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Meet Ronda

Hello! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about my world travels and experience planning. I’m Ronda Guyton, and I’m an avid traveler from Peoria, Illinois. As an enlisted Army soldier who traveled around the globe, I found myself in awe of the many places to explore. The lights of Italy were my first taste of international travel in 1992, and I haven’t stopped traveling since. The unique culture, beautiful landscapes, local people make every trip worthwhile. After years of planning trips for my family and friends based on what’d I’d learned from my military travels, I decided to share my love of traveling with others through experience planning. I research and organize authentic travel experiences for individuals, couples, and groups. I have a simple plan: offer you the best traveling experience you’ve encountered.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but ...It's been said that my clients especially love that I plan all activities out for them including meals and other specialty accommodations. It adds a special touch to the experience. This is evident in our recent 2020 Viewers Choice Award in travel.

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